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    Tanjung Inn, Cherating

    Bringing you closer to nature in Cherating

  • Wonderful Scenery

    A tropical beach getaway with breath taking views.

  • Top Travel Destination

    Listed as one of the top travel destinations in Cherating in popular travel literature.

  • Relax and Enjoy

    Facilities and settings throughout the resort are

    designed for you to fully enjoy your tropical beach vacation.

  • Efficient Customer Service, Great Hospitality

    Quick and excellent customer service to ensure

    your comfort and convenience during your stay.

  • The Closest To Nature In Cherating

    Beautiful Beach Resort · Natural Splendour

    Wonderful Hospitality · Great Holiday Experience


  • “Great place, Tanjung Inn”

    Beautiful, secluded chalets overlooking a lake. Best value for money are the air conditioned, colonial style bungalows. Staff are brilliant and make you feel really welcome, almost part of the family. It’s the sort of place where you can easily lose a few weeks without realising it.

    Feb 12, 2012

    SuperGast - via TripAdvisor

    “Good value, wonderful holiday”

    The fan chalets of Tanjung Inn are very good value, RM70 with attached bathroom and comes with breakfast too! If you prefer air conditioned ones, you can get them from RM150, higher prices for families. The resort is located on a former dumpsite, transformed by the owner into a beautifully landscaped garden, with two huge ponds. We saw much wildlife, even more than we saw in Taman Negara, from the many types of birds to fishes and families of langgurs or silver leaf monkeys in the nearby trees. The beach is a two minute walk away.

    Highly recommended for those after a laid-back and chilled out break.

    Mar 27, 2013

    willemhammer - via TripAdvisor

  • “Beautifully located”

    We stayed in a chalet with air-con and fan. The only thing missing is a fridge. Take the TV out and put in a fridge. Ismail the manager is friendly flexible and helpful.

    The garden is beautiful with different ponds and flowers and lots of green space. Very close to the beach and next door is good fresh fish restaurant. Owner Dien knows what tourist wants and like.

    Oct 22, 2012

    Adds79 - via Tripadvisor

    “Really nice place, but with room…for some improvement”

    We arrived in the early afternoon and the resort had plenty of rooms available. We chose the chalet with air-con for RM170. The garden is absolutely nice and well taken care of, and sometimes you can see lizards, nice birds and even monkeys around.

    The beach is easily accessible through the back of the garden. The chalet was spacious and fine, just make sure not to let too many mosquito come in. People managing the resort were always helpful. Bring cash, because they do not accept cards and there’s nobody changing currencies at the right rates in town.

    Sep 09, 2013

    Fitryan - via TripAdvisor