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Bringing You Closer To Nature In Cherating

Welcome to Tanjung Inn, Cherating

Tanjung Inn is a resort in Cherating (Pahang, MALAYSIA) that has been in operation for more than 25 years. Formerly known as Villa de Fedella, there are currently 34 chalets and 21 tents available for rent. Tanjung Inn has been recommended by several renowned and highly reputable travel/tourism-related publications such as:

  • The Lonely Planet (May 2013 edition);
  • The Rough Guide;
  • LE Routard (a French travel book); and
  • Stephen Loose (a German travel book)

All of the above state that Tanjung Inn is one of their top recommendations for accommodation in the Cherating area.

Beautiful Beach Resort · Natural Splendour
Wonderful Hospitality · Great Holiday Experience

Currently Tanjung Inn is divisible into three separate and distinct areas:

Tanjung Inn, Cherating

The existing 3.2 acres plot in Kampung Budaya Cherating that currently comprises of 22 chalets. We are now in the process of upgrading the site by refurbishing some units, tearing down some old ones and building them up to a higher standard, in addition to supplementing the existing stock. Eventually Tanjung Inn will have a total of 30 chalets.

Tanjung Tents

Camping “Where you spend a small fortune to live like a homeless person”

At Tanjung tents, we provide a large tent with a 12x12 inch platform. Each tent comes complete with two ‘5-Star’ Mattresses with mosquito nets, fan, plug points, reading lights, closet and a small faucet

All tents are decked out with a patio overlooking the pond. Bathrooms are communal and located on either side of the pond

Tanjung Inn - Lakeside

Connected to Tanjung Inn by the Beach will be another 4 acres of development for which a further 40 chalets are planned which will encircle an artificial lake.

Tanjung Inn is set for further improvement and expansion in the near future, while maintaining the peace, tranquillity and closeness to nature that is at the core of our ethos. Watch this space or follow us on Facebook for updates on our progress!