Rules & Regulations

  1. Check out time is 12:00 noon. 
  2. The room key is kept by the guest. Any damage and loss will be subject to a fine. 
  3. Keep the Hotel Premises clean. No article billed on the wall is allowed. 
  4. Guests must take good care of their own belongings. The management will not be held responsible for any loss or damage incurred. 
  5. No prohibited articles, Flammable articles or commercial goods are allowed to be stored inside the room. 
  6. No heavy trunks or anything as deemed inappropriate by the management should be stored inside the room. 
  7. If any abandoned luggage or lost and found items are not claimed by the guest after a maximum storage period of 30 calendar days, the management has the right to dispose of these items. 
  8. No pets are allowed on the Hotel premises. No plants are allowed in the room. 
  9. No hanging of clothes or other articles outside the windows is allowed. 
  10. No visitors are allowed on the Hotel after 10:00PM. 
  11. No changing of rooms or transfer of rooms is allowed without the permission of the Front Desk. 
  12. Guests are held responsible for any damage done to the furniture/decoration or other facilities insides the rooms. 
  13. All electric appliances should be switched off and the windows should be closed when guest go out. 
  14. No electric appliances is to be installed inside the room without the permission of the management except computers. 
  15. Cooking or any ignition is not allowed in the room. 
  16. For hospital information or ambulance service, please contact the Front Desk. 
  17. Our staff may check the room from time to time. 
  18. Please do not take away guest room items. Otherwise, the charges will be added onto your Hotel bill. 
  19. In case of violation of the above regulations or any misconduct as deemed to cause others inconvenience or discomfort, the management reserves to ask the guest to leave. 
  20. The management reserves the right to alter or amend the above regulations without any notice. In case of any query, please contact the Front Desk. 
  21. No inflammable, explosive, poisonous, radioactive, or other dangerous articles or letting off fireworks and firecrackers permitted in the hotel. 
  22. No illegal and criminal activities such as fighting, gambling, drug taking or prostitution in the hotel. No guest should put up or circulate salacious books, pictures, photos, nor play such recordings or videos. Any excessive drinking and creating a commotion or playing loud music is not allowed. Let other guests have their peace and quiet.